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Had a picnic with church this past Saturday, see my consistent dearth of interesting photos. It was a beautiful day on bacterially unsound Lake Cochituate; they wouldn't let us get in the water. Which is good, I'm not necessarily a lake water person. I'm so sure it's infected with bacteria and kiddy pee even when they say it's safe.

It evoked memories of picnics past, all of them back in Minnesota. I think that's the first body of water I've spent any time around since arriving in Massachusetts, not counting the unimaginably bacterially unsound Charles River, for which, in the 1980's, one required a trip to the hospital for infectious disease treatment after involuntary swimming. Poor river. President Clinton was nice to it and instituted a plan in 1995 to make it swimmable by 2005. Apparently everything is on track.

I suppose they were going for a literal feel when they named the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I'm sure it made it easier to find a free one out of all those and picnic near it. Hot days spent avoiding mosquitoes, running around with other little brats, water guns, water balloons, munching on hamburgers and hot dogs and Mom's potato salad. This time it got all mussed up, I served grillmaster duties (one casualty), and the little brats ran around and after me with water balloons -- and I made half of them.

Life changes measured through picnic analysis.

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