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More tales of my lameness.

In my attempt to learn the Japanese alphabet (hiragana), I decided to manufacture some flash cards. I have no index cards, so what could I do? Aha, useless checks from the now-defunct Cambridgeport Bank. How excellent. I can practice in the comfort of home, because there's no way I'm taking my check-flash cards in public.

I played chess with my roommate today. I made one major mistake and we ended up playing for several hours, the end consisting of me attempting to checkmate him and repeatedly failing to do so. How do you not mate someone who only has one out-of-the-way pawn and a rook left on the board? Sigh. This is probably why I never took to chess. I got all hungry from thinking too hard.

You thought this would be about some Japanese board game like checkers, didn't you? Ha, I'm so bad at coming up with titles.


at first glance ...
at first glance i thought it said "japanese chicks". actually, i wonder how many stray Google hits you'll get off that one (the strayness would have to derive from brain farts and not typos, though, given how far away "i" and "e" are from each other on a qwerty keyboard... perhaps from a Dvorak keyboard user, but you're more likely to get "japanese chucks" from that (and since when have "Dvorak" and "likely" ever gone together?)).

Matt Libby on September 11, 2003 07:21 PM

Well thanks; i...

Well thanks; if I wasn't before, now I am going to get hits for people hunting down Japanese chicks. Maybe I should pre-emptively add that to the anti-Lee Ryan filter I have going.

Ryan Lee on September 11, 2003 10:36 PM

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