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My church is starting a young adult group. We met today to discuss the dynamics and structure of a new ministry. Exciting times.

It was an early morning meeting. I came home and napped in preparation for attending 'The Gathering,' which sounds suspicously like a meeting for a wicca coven but is actually a confluence of first year art students for worship and an introduction to a handful of churches via a job fair-type setup. It is strange having switched churches to find a completely different set of related churches. The acronyms and names before were CBCGB, BCEC, CCFC, NCPC, Park Street, High Rock. Now they're PT, St. Paul AME, Mass. Ave. Baptist, IFC, Morningstar, Vineyard. Perhaps Vineyard and Park Street survived the switch.

It's fun to watch conservatory-level students worship. They're good. So good that they have to rotate leading and playing to get everybody involved, because they're all just plain good.

I am mildly amused my church sent me. I am the only Asian male member I know of. Race is not an issue at church, but I know I play some part in their public facing image. Amused. Of course they tried to send some of my black sisters along, but none of them were free on a Saturday night.

I attempted to come home after The Gathering. A Red Sox game had just finished right about the time I was headed back. I waited for a bus, watched it pass by crammed full of fans, then went into a Green Line stop, and found three trolleys whizzing by also crammed full of fans. I decided to walk to the nearest Red Line stop, a pleasant trip over the Charles and along its banks onto the fringes of MIT. Finally on board a relatively empty train, I watched a young child open and sift through a pack of Topps 1992 baseball cards, sending me back even further in memories to the tail end of my card collecting days. I cringed as he tossed them and what looked to be five other packs' worth of cards nonchalantly into a paper bag. I wonder if he knows the value of baseball cards or money at that age. Probably he doesn't. Definitely he shouldn't.

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