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There's a job I really want to take, but it means I'll be living in Massachusetts for at least another two years (provided I don't do anything radically ridiculous to get myself fired).

I like lots of things within the physical boundaries of this state, but not the state itself. In fact, I was hoping this would be my last year of winter after which I could skip out to the Great Balmy Unknown, a magical place where a White Christmas is just a dream and I won't get frostbitten from walking back home.

Alas, I fear this warmth is not yet to be. Au contraire, fiscal resposibility dictates that I should probably start investing in property to avoid throwing it all away on rent.

This is my home. It is not. I must put down roots despite my desire to roam free. Yet caged birds still sing, and I guess I'm not really in a cage if I don't look at the bars.

Pray for one of my favorite sysadmins in the world. He's having (had?) some unexpected surgery.


go west

forget your current offers. join the evil empire and come buy me lunch every day!

christine lieu on December 22, 2003 02:56 PM

Funny the thin...

Funny the things people are measuring that decision by. Yours falls squarely in the E) Other (please describe) choice category.

Ryan Lee on December 27, 2003 11:14 PM

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