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Croissanga is no longer under active development. Xanga is dead.

Croissanga is a WordPress plugin that re-posts your published-status posts to your Xanga site. It also edits and deletes Xanga posts you initially created through WordPress. It is at version 1.3.1 and licensed under a BSD license. Croissanga 1.3.1 is compatible with WordPress 2.0 and 2.2 branches. It has not been tested with any 1.5 branches yet. Croissanga 1.1.1 is compatible with WordPress 1.2 (and has been reported to work with WordPress 2.0...) but is no longer under active development.

You can view the source or download the zipfile. The general WordPress instructions for installing a plugin are sufficient for installing Croissanga, though there is an INSTALL file included. Those of you upgrading from any prior version to Croissanga 1.3.1 should keep your old croissanga.php file around to move the file-based options into the new integrated option system, accessed in the administrative view.

The home for Croissanga is Development is, along with several other WordPress plugins, coordinated at WP Plugins; see also the public Subversion repository.

Reporting Bugs

If you have something to report, please include, as completely as you can, the versions of WP, Croissanga, PHP, CURL, MySQL, and Apache involved. Explain clearly what you're expecting and why your expectations have not been met. While I will reply to all inquiries as time allows, I can't help with poorly framed questions.


  • In 1.3.1: Xanga made changes to login. Again.
  • In 1.3: Completely redid installation and options management. You don't need to load anything into MySQL now, and options are now maintained via WP options instead of in the plugin file. You should keep your old croissanga.php file around until you've moved the options over to the new integrated options system. Also, future posting in versions prior to 2.1 will not work; you're given the option to either ignore post dates and post anyways or not post at all (sorry, but this isn't an issue in later WP issues - consider upgrading if this is important to you). Thanks to Steve for pointing out the problem.
  • In 1.2.10: Xanga made changes, updates to track with them
  • In 1.2.9: Thanks to suggestions from Danny Park, Croissanga will respect the pagination and more tokens.
  • In 1.2.8: Thanks to Bryan Li for pointing out an issue with Xanga Premium cross posting and suggesting a fix (posts were being duplicated). Thanks also to Dennis for pointing out a mistake on my part in variable usage and suggesting the correction.
  • In 1.2.7: Thanks to Yenly for suggesting that Croissanga be able to post password-protected WP posts to protected Xanga posts (subject to the option being toggled). To make this work, you must use the same password across all your protected posts. I won't be investing much time in trying to make this feature perfect, but the gist of it is that your own password-protection cookie must be set in order for the cross post to contain content instead of the 'enter your password' form. The easiest way to do it is to write up a password-protected post, login to it, then write your real post with the same password-protection during the same session.
  • In 1.2.6: Thanks to Trevor for suggesting the option of using Xanga's title field instead of including it as part of the entry body. Now a configurable option.
  • In 1.2.5: Thanks to Ted Pearson for pointing out a minor change in Xanga's setup
  • In 1.2.4: Editing is more intelligent; if the post's status changes from published to anything else, it's deleted from Xanga. I attempted to address the post duplication problem, but having never seen it (still!), I can't speak for whether my attempts to align closer to Xanga's present functioning resolved that issue. But it is closer to Xanga's present functioning. I guess that counts for something.
  • In 1.2.3: Thanks to Ian Cooper for submitting a quick patch to prevent password protected posts from making their way to Xanga (just don't switch from unprotected to protected without doing your own due diligence; that's beyond Croissanga's synchronization ability right now). Also, by request, Croissanga can now be configured to add the author's name (according to their WP name display preferences) to the head of the post.
  • In 1.2.2: Also posts to Xanga Premium service thanks to the watchful eye of Conor.
  • In 1.2.1: Using get_permalink() instead of manufacturing the permalink. Thanks to Jonathan for pointing out the issues resolved in 1.2 and 1.2.1!
  • In 1.2: Switched to WordPress 1.5 API
  • In 1.1.1: Minor configuration option to turn on Xanga comments; turns off bottom link to commenting on WordPress installation.
  • In 1.1: Editing and deleting functions added; exposes a typo-bug in WordPress. Install method has changed.
  • In 1.0.2: Better formatting based on WordPress functions and filters as well as suggestions from Danny Park. Thanks also to Kawika Uechi for playing the role of alpha tester.
  • In 1.0.1: Fixed ID posting problem

Original Post

I don't use WordPress personally, but I tend to install it for darkclan folk consistently. So I'm having a little trouble finding a good way to test my WordPress / Xanga plugin easily - I suppose I could pick up another Xanga username and do a lame install of Wordpress somewhere.

The larger issue is interacting with WordPress in a flexible way. Is there an API for retrieving posts? Can I use the bloginfo and get_setting API functions inside a plugin? I think those are the only blocks at the moment. I tire of trying to hunt down Wordpress information or develop for it. It's ok as a fire-and-forget program for the non-developer users, but it does a lot of things wrong, such as stitching together SQL queries in PHP files. Mixing code is never wise, not to mention totally unfriendly to developers. But I'm probably just cranky from having to write PHP. PHP is stupid.

I'll add to this entry to point to the plugin when I figure the rest of this out (if you want to get the plugin faster, answer my questions above).

Addendum: Answers

You can use get_setting but not bloginfo in plugin code. There is no API call for retrieving one post, requiring you to use your own SQL, or abstract some of your own API for doing the same. I was using the add_action('publish_post', 'yourfunction', priority) hook; it required a priority of 9 to work.


thank you!

Thank you so much! It works perfectly! If you want to see, my wordpress is at and my xanga is at . (You'll have to disable javascript to see the xanga site)

Chris Phillips on December 12, 2004 03:26 AM

Premium Xanga Hack

Props to you Ryan making a great plugin! I'm editing this comment because the code on it was wrong. Now that you have a link, people can just go there for the code.

Conor Meagher on March 16, 2005 09:46 PM

editting comments

i've fixed the minor typo issue in post.php and still have the issue with editting entries & having them repost in xanga. wondering if there's a fix for this?

shar m on April 11, 2005 10:07 PM

Shar, could you ...

Shar, could you send me more details about your installation and the problem via the 'Contact Ryan' link at the bottom of each page?

Ryan Lee on April 12, 2005 07:59 PM

New Xanga accounts...

Apparently, new xanga accounts are now automatically upgraded to premium membership for a 21 day trial a few days after you create the xanga account. that's what happend to me anyways. so you'll have to switch the script to 'premium' mode for that period, and then remember to switch it back to 'basic' mode aftewards.

Joe Tan on May 07, 2005 09:26 PM

Xanga Updates

I think Xanga did some updates today that are bottling up the plugin. I can't get an update since this morning. Just letting you know.

Trae Blain on May 17, 2005 11:09 AM

While my own sit...

While my own site doesn't use WordPress, it does cross post to Xanga using the same process. I had no troubles posting to Xanga today. I'll check a bit later on a WordPress install to see what's going on (yes, I do read and respond to these comments, but often only over email).

Ryan Lee on May 18, 2005 08:28 AM


Yes, everythings working today. I am unsure about yesterday, though. I tried all day and got nowhere. Thanks for looking into it.

Trae Blain on May 18, 2005 09:26 AM


I've found an issue, I don't know if it's the plugin or some changes in WP or xanga or what. But editing is not working for me on multiple sites. When a post is edited it posts a whole new post on the xanga page. The database has the correct Xanga ID number for the first post, yet more appear. Just wondering if there were changes somewhere, if you need more information from me let me know. Thanks in advance.

Trae Blain on August 01, 2005 08:09 PM

I have verified ...

I have verified that Croissanga can work fine with WP As it sounds like everything is in place, let me ask the higher level questions: which other plugins are you running, and do any of them take any post-commit actions (as Croissanga would)?

Ryan Lee on August 02, 2005 02:46 PM

Other plugins

FancyTooltips, Get Custom Field Values, Get Recent Comments, IImage Browser, Live Comment Preview, PXS Mail Form, Ratings, Dunstan's Time of Day, Useronline, WP-Amazon, WP-CC

As it seems, none of these take any post-commit actions (unless I'm mistaken what you mean by this). Most all these are for abilities done outside posting.

I was wondering if it had to do with the fact that there's no 'edit' action, but you said you verified that it worked there must be something different. Let me know if you need anything more.

Trae Blain on August 02, 2005 05:06 PM

Internally, the ...

Internally, the action of saving an edit is the same as the initial posting action, so what Croissanga should do is look up the post ID you're saving in its database table and decide from there whether it should post a new Xanga entry or edit an existing one. I suppose I should write a bit of test code to check that.

I have some suspicion that maybe the datatype has changed on the post ID from WP and the earlier 1.5 releases (which doesn't explain why I used it successfully...). Did you upgrade to or install an entirely new blog?

Ryan Lee on August 03, 2005 10:28 AM

Protected Posts

Croissanga (1.1.1 and 1.2.2) seem to happily repost password-protected posts to Xanga. I added some code around the posting function to check for the existence of a password for the particular post to fix it. Not sure if that's a bug or a feature. :-)

Ian Cooper on August 03, 2005 03:50 PM

Re: Protected Posts

Ian, I'd be glad to incorporate your changes into a new version of Croissanga if you'd like.

Ryan Lee on August 04, 2005 08:46 AM

Question about Authors

Is there a way to add a line of code to the Croissanga plugin so that it can say what author posted the article originally? My blog has primarily two people authoring, and I'd like the plugin to be able to differentiate between the two. Any suggestions?


Kevin Tostado on August 20, 2005 11:09 AM

Hi Kevin, sorry ...

Hi Kevin, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I'm sure you can add code that would indicate the author - but are you making a feature request or did you want some insight into which lines to look at? If the latter, look at the 'if' block starting on line 178 of croissanga.php. That's where the post destined for Croissanga is assembled.

I have other features I'm looking into that prevent an immediate release, else I'd look up the author function and roll a new version for you. Let me know if you successfully put together what you're looking for.

Ryan Lee on August 23, 2005 07:03 PM

Re: Author Function

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for trying to point it out, but sadly I'm not web-savvy enough to know how to add in the author into the croissanga plugin. I fooled around with it and managed to crash my page. Would this be hard to include in a new version? Again, my reasoning is that my blog has multiple authors, and I'd like the author name to carry over to Xanga as well.

Thanks, Kevin

Kevin Tostado on August 23, 2005 08:49 PM

SQL Illiterate

I was very excited by this plugin and couldn't wait to install it... until I read the directions. It starts off by telling me to enter somthing in the command line. I have no idea what kind of command line it's talking about, or really even what the proper syntax would be... Basically I'm SQL illiterate... or at least I think that's the problem here. Maybe it has nothing to do with SQL. The point is I'm lost and if someone could walk me through the first step of the installation process I would be very appreciative. If not, thanks for the work you put into it, even though I'm not smart enough to use it.


Nevermind... Mr. Green just walked me through it. I LOVE your plugin! It works marvelously! Everything I ever dreamed it could be :).

Stephen Smith on September 26, 2005 07:08 AM

I love it when p...

I love it when problems solve themselves. You're welcome.

Ryan Lee on September 02, 2005 08:46 PM

I'll try to get ...

I'll try to get that out this weekend, Kevin.

Ryan Lee on September 16, 2005 07:27 PM

Only post the excerpt?

Is there currently a way to only post the excerpt, or post only a part of the post (like the first X number of characters)?

Alex Riviere on September 22, 2005 12:11 PM

Hello there, Thi...

Hello there,

This is an awesome plugin. Is there a way to selectively allow certain post to be posted in xanga and not have to deactivate the plugin everytime?

G G on September 25, 2005 08:15 PM

Bad Behavior conflict

Seems like this plugin is showing error in the error log of the Bad Behavior plugin.

G G on September 25, 2005 10:19 PM

Alex and George:...

Alex and George: I haven't designed it to work that way. This is a cross poster, excerpts and selectivity don't seem to fit in that definition. If you'd like excerpts instead of full posts, I can probably manage that. The selectivity might be possible, but I don't much like the idea in this context.

To your second point, George, I don't understand what you're saying. Please explain in detail what exactly about your situation I can remedy. All I know so far is that error messages are showing up in a plugin I've never heard of. What does it do, and what precisely are these errors?

Ryan Lee on September 26, 2005 07:07 AM

Hi Ryan, The bad...

Hi Ryan,

The bad behavior plugin I'm talking about is located at . Its a plugin the helps block spammers from coming to your site.

And the error message that appears on the log is: A User-Agent is required but none was provided.

But I think I found a fix for this, by white-listing my servers IP address.

Another issue I see is that every time I edit the post it sends a ping to

About the selective posting, I think the excerpts instead of full posts will be better. It does what I wanted with the selective post in that it limits the duplicated posting penalty from search engine. Enough on my babbling. Thanks again for making this.

G G on September 26, 2005 12:13 PM

Did something ch...

Did something change with Xanga? Every time I edit a post now, it makes a new entry on my xanga. I haven't changed any settings, but I did migrate to 1.5. I am unsure if this happened before or after I upgraded.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

kyle lastname on September 29, 2005 07:51 PM

Change in Xanga

Yes, the double posting is due to a change in Xanga's code. I'm the author of Xanga CrossPoster, another plugin that performs the same function. Several of the users of my plugin have begun experiencing the same problem. I came by here to see if the slightly different method that Croissanga uses somehow averted the problem. I guess not. :-D

Scott Buchanan on October 08, 2005 05:49 PM

I've attempted a...

I've attempted a fix for the duplication problem that I personally haven't seen and also added some smarter editing features to deal with previously-published posts becoming unpublished. Please let me know if this fixes the issue.

Ryan Lee on October 22, 2005 09:34 PM

What an awesome ...

What an awesome plugin! Just the thing I needed! I'm moving over the wordpress...but I have a Xanga with regular commenters and it's highly unlikely that they'd check up on my new blog.

I'm experiencing the same problems the others are having. <-- Just a xanga test site I have. <-- New WordPress blog.

As you can see, I have two posts on my WordPress blog and four on my Xanga...three of which are reposted.

You've never had problem Ryan? Almost every xanga I've looked at (using your awesome plugin) has had duplicate posts. Weird?

Kimmie Cookie on October 22, 2005 06:14 PM

Your Xanga seems...

Your Xanga seems to be having the problem as well...

Kimmie Cookie on October 22, 2005 06:28 PM

Presumably Kimmi...

Presumably Kimmie is referring to Scott when she says 'you,' since neither is that my Xanga account nor do I regularly use WordPress.

No, Kimmie, I've never see the problem personally. I've had it reported to me a handful of times, but none of those reporters has ever given me a clear enough picture of what's happening on their end for me to successfully debug the problem.

Though I have an inkling of an idea. When you (anybody) go to your personal page, do you see a link with the text 'edit it' and, if so, could you view source and check in the source for the first occurrence of the string .aspx?uid=[0-9]*>"edit it? I'm not sure why that personal page would change between users, but I suppose it might happen, in which case Croissanga wouldn't be able to find the Xanga-assigned uid for a post and would end up posting a new entry instead.

I could be wrong.

Ryan Lee on October 22, 2005 09:58 PM

Oops, sorry, Sco...

Oops, sorry, Scott's xanga...not yours; shoulda been specific xD Sorry if I'm not much of a help, but I can do the best I can until someone else better comes along :P

Yes, I did find the edit it link, but I didn't find anything with exactly .aspx?uid=[0-9]*>"edit it in the source code.

Here's some of the code, if it helps any.

<p><em><a href="" target="_new">Leave / read comments</a></em></p>
</td></tr><tr><td width="5%"><p></p></td><td valign="top" align="left"><div class="smalltext"><a href="/private/entryprivacy.aspx?uid=372630848&view=1">Public</a> - <a href="">8:57 PM</a> - <a href="xtools/xtoolspremium.aspx?uid=372630848">edit it</a> - <a href="/send.aspx?uid=372630848&tab=weblogs&user=poorcupcake">email it</a></div></td></tr></table><br><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" width="100%" class="blogbody"><tr><td width="5%"><p></p></td><td valign="top"><h3>Hello World</h3>
<p><em>This entry was <a href="" target="_new">originally published</a> at <a href="" target="_new">Blog</a></em></p>
<p>This is a xanga post from my wordpress blog!!!</p>
<p>EDIT <img src='' alt=':D' class='wp-smiley' />

Your replies are so quick! Badaboom, badabang. Thanks for taking the time :)

Kimmie Cookie on October 24, 2005 05:58 AM

The string I sug...

The string I suggested is shorthand for matching any number. So it is in the source you gave, Kimmie. Thanks; although that's evidence to the contrary of the hypothesis I had before, it's useful nonetheless. Back to contemplating the problem once again.

Ryan Lee on October 24, 2005 06:02 AM

Synchronization issue

Just posted this on the Wordpress forum and I thought I'd toss a link over here just in case you still check this regularly or might have an idea ;-)

Matthew Stublefield on January 10, 2006 08:27 PM


This plugin works exceptionally, no hassles installing, and posts beautifully on my xanga, while still pointing readers to my blog. Thanks!

One thing which I noticed, don't know how easy it would be to do, but xanga has introduced a title field for their posts, which would make sense for the Wordpress title to fit into.

Btw, my Wordpress is at, while my Xanga is at

Trevor Creech on January 12, 2006 03:14 AM

Xanga Title

Good suggestion Trevor, I've added it as a configurable option in 1.2.6.

Ryan Lee on January 23, 2006 07:27 PM

Private posts protected?

I was just wondering on some of the specifics on this addition to WordPress. Does this only do a certain category of posts or ALL posts to a given WordPress install? There are some things I wouldn't want going between the blogs, like password protected posts, but overall this sounds pretty cool.

Ethan S. on February 02, 2006 08:23 AM

Re: Private posts protected?

Some semantic games first: categories are an actual feature in WordPress, but that doesn't seem to be what you're asking about. So to address the question you aren't asking, no, Croissanga does not determine whether to cross post based on category.

However, it does look at the post status. Anything short of published does not get cross posted. Change the status to published and it will be posted to Xanga, change it from and it will be deleted on Xanga. Password protected is considered 'short of published.'

I hope I've interpreted your inquiry correctly?

Ryan Lee on February 02, 2006 12:29 PM

status of post

great plugin. if in wordpress, my post is password protected, how easy is it to publish to xanga with the status protected instead of public?

Yenly Ma on March 01, 2006 05:07 AM

re: status of post

Probably not hard. You'd have to change some methods to take an access argument (public vs. protected vs. private) and set it appropriately in communicating with Xanga, then change the *_dispatch methods to call methods with the appropriate arguments instead of deleting or stopping as they do now.

If you mean to ask how hard is it for me, I suppose I could get to it eventually.

Ryan Lee on March 02, 2006 03:58 PM

Other Language

Hey, Ryan. The 1.1.1 version works well with my WP 2.0, if I post it in english.

My language setting in WP is utf-8 as I usually blog in Chinese, which is my native language and the one I use to share my feelings and views to my frineds.

For a post in Chinese, it still duplicates to Therefore I think that your code works pretty well. The problem is those characters changes into some symbols with no meaning at all.

I dont know if this issue can be settled within the scope of your code. But may you advise me how to get rid of the problem?? Thank you.

Cogito wingchi on March 10, 2006 06:43 AM

re: Other Language

Character encoding is a tricky thing. I suppose I could set up a testbed Xanga account to see what it really does when you start changing your language settings; my laziest answer is to make sure your WP and Xanga accounts use the same character set (it doesn't look to me like Xanga is intelligent enough to actively tell browsers which character set each blog uses) and hope what goes over the wire from WP to Xanga remains sane. I don't suppose UTF-8 is an actual option within Xanga...

Where are these various blogs of yours so I can take a peek? What settings do you have for Xanga? Could you maybe leave a junk post somewhere so I could see what you're talking about?

Oh, and try the latest version of Croissanga. 1.1.1 is a dead branch.

Ryan Lee on March 13, 2006 06:27 AM

Only Title Posted

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your plugin in the first place!!!! I've been using the plugin since WP1.5, and after i upgrade to WP2.0.1, something doesn't work fine for me!

*Croissanga version 1.2.2

Now whenever i post, only TITLE &amp; "This post was originally published from......." &amp; the "ADD COMMENTS" link appears in my Xanga Account.

Anything that i can do to fix it please? Thank you very much!!

Regards, Gi

Gi June on March 16, 2006 07:09 PM

Re: Other Language

Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb here, without seeing any of your data. Wordpress likely only does UTF-8 internally, which is good. PHP's native localization / internationalization is notoriously poor, but I believe the function iconv might help you transcode from UTF-8 to something else. Xanga doesn't really seem to do anything with character encoding; I submit posts in ISO-8859-1 while my settings are on Traditional Chinese, but when I go look at them, Xanga doesn't send any indication of what character encoding it's trying to pass off the data as, which means it's probably relying on your own browser's default character encoding settings - not good.

I'm not going to address this right now. If you're into coding, try using iconv on the text you're sending to Xanga to convert from UTF-8 into Traditional Chinese. I'd like to hear if other users are having i18n issues and if that iconv fix works; it could be folded in to Croissanga eventually.

Ryan Lee on March 13, 2006 07:43 PM

Re: Only Title Posted

Please upgrade to the latest WP (2.0.2) and Croissanga (1.2.6) before pursuing further support. It's probable your issue has already been addressed in later versions. By all means, report back if not.

Ryan Lee on March 13, 2006 07:45 PM

Re: Other Language

I am not too coding to transform UTF-8 into big5

well...I compromised. You are right, xanga provides no UTF-8 environment, so I changed my wordpress to big5 instead....

Of course it brings me a huge disadvantage----wordpress does the post slug with UTF-8, so my chinese heading would become a meaningful permalink. But i guess, yes, it is not good, but acceptable.

And add a note, 1,2,7 does not work on my wordpress 2.02, i m using 1.1.1, FYI.

Cogito wingchi on April 07, 2006 10:18 PM


I likethis plugin, its very easy to use, all you have to do is upload and install I like it and all but can I make a suggestion?

It doesn't seem to cross post private posts. Is their a possibility this feature can be added? like either post to a public post or a protected post?

Mark Lacsamana on May 03, 2006 05:41 PM

Re: MK

Thanks for the feedback.

"like either post to a public post or a protected post?"

I don't understand the use case of cross posting a private WP post to a public Xanga post. Why wouldn't you make it public in all arenas?

There's already a feature included to make protected posts.

Ryan Lee on May 08, 2006 08:37 AM

No Shell Access

Step 1 -

From the command line, execute the following command

% mysql -u <user> <database> [-p] < bac-data.sql


I don't have shell access to the server my blog is on. Any work arround?

I'm trying to use/hack this to post to a Serendipity Blog ( s9y's XML-RPC is supposed to support the Blogger format, so I thought would be a good place to start. Am I thinking straight?

Kane McLean on December 26, 2006 05:53 PM

Re: No Shell Access

If you have phpMySQLAdmin installed, you can just take the contents of the croissanga.sql file and paste them into the table creation dialog (or whatever it is, I haven't used that software but have reports that it works).

However, you should be looking at the Blogger API cross poster.

Ryan Lee on December 29, 2006 08:50 AM

Re: No Shell Access

Thanks! I tried the bloger plugin you suggested, (directly dumping the sql into the db) and it worked, but it prevented the livejournal plugin from working. Is it possible to get them working together or should I look at alternate ways of posting to the s9y blog from wp (EG email posting)

Kane McLean on January 06, 2007 02:01 PM

Re: No Shell Access

I can imagine they don't play well together, or that they'd cause a timeout while trying to do both postings. Which LJ cross-poster, exactly (a link?), and can we carry this conversation over to the BAC page instead?

Ryan Lee on January 12, 2007 09:27 AM

Does Not Always Post

Hi Ryan-

Thanks for the plugin, it's very useful. I have a question, though. For some reason I am not getting some posts to cross-post. I'm not exactly sure why, but when I looked at the xanga_wp_post_map table I saw that there are a few of my posts that do not have an associated xanga_ID. Somethings that might be interesting for this:

-xanga site:

-wordpress site:

-wordpress version 2.1.3

-croissanga version 1.2.9

-I utilize the "more" tag to only display snippets

-I set a timestamp in the future for this post (but I think that I've done that before and it had no effect on the post)

(added) -This might very well have something to do with how I start off a post, save it, and then publish at a later time, but I'm not sure. My last couple have not cross-posted (end added)

Anyways, thanks a lot for the plugin, and I just wanted to see if you'd heard anything about this happening or might know what is going on.

Derek Wong on April 26, 2007 10:56 AM

Not cross posting

Hi Ryan,

I'm having a similar problem as Derek above. Lately my posts have not been cross posted over to my Xanga, and after taking a look at the database table, it does not have Xanga IDs for the last few posts that I have made.

Xanga site: Wordpress site:

Wordpress version: 2.1.3 croissanga version 1.2.9


Ankur Mathur on April 28, 2007 09:40 AM


Croissanga has been updated. Thanks for the reports.

Ryan Lee on April 28, 2007 05:48 PM

Re: Version 1.2.10

Thanks for the update, Ryan. It is working and posting correctly now. However, it is not correctly inserting a value into xanga_ID. And because of this, it has no way of knowing how to adjust an old entry if it's changed, etc. Just wanted to let you know because I'm sure that's an issue. Thanks again for the quick turnaround time on that fix!

Derek Wong on April 28, 2007 11:55 PM

Plugin not working?

I have the latest version of the plugin, but it has stopped working. Has Xanga changed something again?

Also, this plugin causes the Organize Series plugin to throw a "headers already sent" error.

Ken Carlson on May 28, 2007 07:37 PM

Which version of...

Which version of WordPress are you using? The latest Croissanga has no problems with 2.1.3, though I see 2.2 has been released.

I may or may not have a chance to look at plugin compatibility.

Ryan Lee on May 31, 2007 05:58 PM

Xanga forced users to change password

In case this helps anyone, Xanga recently forced users to change their passwords to include at least one special character. It just dawned on me that this is the reason Croissanga stopped working for me. I needed to update the password stored in the plugin.

Steve Love on July 19, 2007 08:13 PM

Maybe I'm Missing Something...

But it seems like Xanga might have changed their system again. However, I'm not sure that this one is easily fixed because it seems to me that they now require you to input a captcha when you try to log in. I'm not sure whether this is crucial to the PHP cURL module, but it doesn't seem to be working for me right now. Can this be verified that it's happening by other people? Or (hopefully) am I just missing something plainly obvious?

Derek Wong on July 25, 2007 12:43 PM


I was probably being stupid and missed something. In any case it does in fact work so please ignore my previous comment.

Derek Wong on July 25, 2007 06:34 PM

Xanga not updating

I think Xanga may have updated their system again. My posts stopped updating/loading on Xanga several days ago. I'm not positive, though. Hopefully, someone else can verify or help out. I'm running Wordpress 2.3 and everything had been working great. Then several days ago (probably about 5 or so) the Croissanga plugin just stopped working.

By the way, I love the plugin. It's great and helps me stay connected with the rest of my family (who all use Xanga). Thanks for the hard work and initiative to develop and maintain it!

Jonah Garoutte on November 08, 2007 09:46 AM

re: Xanga not updating

Have you tried logging in with your username on Xanga? Croissanga fails if your account is in a state that requires a security code (captcha) for login. I'm not clear on every situation that prompts a security code; the only one publicized is when a failed login has occurred five times or more in a row. Also, Xanga may occasionally force you to change your password.

Ryan Lee on November 15, 2007 11:17 AM

Im having the sa...

I'm having the same problem too. posts are not getting into Xanga even after I've tried relogging in via the web.

Ethan Chan on November 15, 2007 12:59 PM

New Changes?

Just wondering whether the new changes that Xanga has been doing have affected Croissanga. From what I see, a new entry was not posted and the xanga_ID that was retrieved at the database level was for the previously successful entry. So the problem looks like it's for the actual posting. That's what I found after looking at it for a little bit anyways. Let me know if I'm seeing something incorrect or if it's just me that's getting this error. Thanks.

Derek Wong on January 23, 2008 02:17 PM

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