Fixes for TrackBack, Croissanga - friday 2004-12-17 0941 last modified 2004-12-20 2319
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Apparently you're not supposed to do a GET for TrackBack pinging, so I'll have to fix my code to no longer expect a GET request, and I'll have to do some URL rewriting for TrackBack ping URLs to be viable POST URLs. I don't quite like that. I suppose I should show which link to use in TrackBacking on the actual entry; though I'm quite sure I have the auto-discovery comment set correctly, it seems most people don't have an auto-discoverer in place.

I made a fix to Croissanga (switched variable names late in the game, forgot to make all the changes). It should still work, though maybe the failed return helped make it run before. I'll check it myself later if nobody does. I guess I have to keep that WordPress instance around instead of wiping it out all the time.

If I get the pinging thing up, I suppose I could use it to do topical threading in my own blog, like pinging the original Croissanga entry when updates like this come out instead of editing the same entry repeatedly.

Someone took the bait and requested the plug-in do edits on Xanga as well. I guess this is do-able if the Xanga post ID is returned after first posting something, though status changes and deletions will have to be tracked as well.

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