Holy Crap, Dell Sucks - wednesday 2005-03-16 2247 last modified 2005-03-16 2247
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Dell is earning a special place in my heart as the worst company on the face of the planet. We're not even talking about the dastardly plans to rule the earth with a proprietary fist like Microsoft, we're talking about the inability to treat a customer properly. How on earth did they get this far?

They were supposed to give me a credit of a certain amount that was 27.30 too short, so I managed to convince a phone support person to add 27.30 in a separate credit. I found out today that they deducted that 27.30 from the original credit.

So they're still 27.30 short.

Incompetents, the lot of them. Now I have to get back on the phone and fight for another 27.30. What a waste of my time.

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