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What a depressing final game.

Predicted Reality
Germany [A1] Germany Argentina Argentina Brazil Germany [A1] Germany Germany Italy Italy
Sweden [B2] Sweden [B2]
Argentina [C1] Argentina Argentina [C1] Argentina
Mexico [D2] Mexico [D2]
Australia [E2] Australia Korea Australia [E2] Italy Italy
Czech R. [F1] Italy [F1]
Korea [G1] Korea Switzerland [G1] Ukraine
Tunisia [H2] Ukraine [H2]
Ecuador [A2] England England Brazil Ecuador [A2] England Portugal France
England [B1] England [B1]
Netherlands [C2] Portugal Netherlands [C2] Portugal
Portugal [D1] Portugal [D1]
Brazil [E1] Brazil Brazil Brazil [E1] Brazil France
Italy [F2] Ghana [F2]
Switzerland [G2] Spain France [G2] France
Spain [H1] Spain [H1]

Knockout round: missed three countries, misplaced two

Quarterfinals: missed three countries

Semifinals: missed all four

In the end, underestimating Italy after their performance against the US, overestimating Brazil against weak opponents, and an unhealthy bias for Korea made for some pretty poor final picks.

I think I'll try to get hired as a photographer for 2010. Who wants to go to some Revolution games?

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