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Well, I intended to put a flashier, prettier interface over the already awesome vanilla Exhibit presentation, but time doesn't allow. So here's an exhibit of all (or most, I guess) of Canon's modern EF and EF-S lenses (and, for those who pay attention to detail, the macro and tilt-shift lenses along with them).

Canon normally runs rebates in the US starting in the middle of October, so this was my research for putting together a new set of lenses. I'm looking for EF, L-quality that collectively covers most of the focal length gamut. The rebate program for Canada has already begun; hopefully the American program is similar in nature.

One of these days I'll add in links to vendors and meta-vendors; for now, just ponder the worlds that would open up to you if you could put that 1200mm, $90,000 lens to work.

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