Wide-Angle - friday 2007-11-09 2121 last modified 2007-11-09 2121
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Also in the latest camera equipment transaction, a wide-angle lens, wider than the last lens I had in that category by just a bit numerically, yet quite noticeably so. Small changes in focal length matter quite a bit in the wide-angle range, so while the 27mm effective lens was rather boring, the new, actual 24mm can completely change the sense of perspective. For instance, a bottle with a cylindrical body doesn't look so cylinder-like:


And while this object doesn't look extravagantly foreign (it resembles certain beer bottles), I can imagine seeing some interesting portraits and landscapes come from shooting with it. I used to fall back to either a normal, fast lens or a telephoto lens when shooting; now the macro is probably going to get the most play while I figure out where this wide-angle belongs.

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