Thunderbird Attachments Suck - saturday 2009-04-25 0225 last modified 2009-04-30 1042
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Those were the keywords I used to see if I might finally stop relying on Thunderbird completely screwing up every download attachment by failing to download the entire file and caching the failure or not displaying its existence at all. I've been putting up with that behavior since I started using TB and figured it would get better over time. In some ways it did; if I can right click an attachment and get 'Save All' as a selectable option, it usually succeeds. But that's not always the case. For a long time I resorted to logging in to the mail server and manually separating attachments, then copying them over the network or moving them to a web server to look at them.

Today I found what looks like an answer, which is basically unchecking the "act moronic" option.

I'm sure it exists to help somebody, but if that's the only thing that's ever been between me and a mail client that handled attachments not stupidly, it's a bit sad. So anybody else who's lived with the assumption that TB simply can't do attachments and phrases it as I do: there is hope. Turn off the dumb option.

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