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I watched The Book of Eli. Here's what I saw: Oakley, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Anheuser-Busch, J. Crew. The movie was made decently, though it's a bit too much like Children of Men, down to a doomed, bleeding man rowing a boat, but with Theo being the black one and bearing the metaphorical child. Children of Men was much better.

As inappropriate product placement central and pale mimicry may indicate, this movie was designed by marketers. It's meant to beg for repeated viewing (to increase ticket sales), and it's aimed straight at the sizable crowd that thinks stamping their faith phrases and concepts on something suddenly makes it celebratory and worth blindly supporting, no matter (or especially because of?) how violent it is (to increase ticket sales).

It's a bit like putting Bible verses on military weapons with the additional goal of selling more of them.

Just in case that's too opaque: this movie was terrible. Please offset the cost of my seeing it by not seeing it.

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