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One of my favorite parts of living in this area is the close proximity to Griffith J. Griffith Park, near immediate access to decent hiking grounds, sloping steeply up a thousand feet. In less than two miles, I'm out of the urban environment and into a series of valleys, hills, forests, and greenery. On a clear day, after the rains have cleansed the air, you can see clear down past Long Beach and into coastal parts of Orange County. I go at least once a week and am hoping to build up an intuition of where I am within its grounds. This was yesterday's hike (the park portion of it). Tack on about 3.25 miles for transit back and forth to the park. Most of my hikes are centered on Vermont canyon, which terminates within the main loop of Saturday's hike, and I think I've exhausted most of the clear paths that start and end within the canyon. Next week it will be time to explore west or east, and eventually venturing north. At some point I'll make my way to the zoo by foot.

I've come up across a fire reservoir and also found that the supposed southern entrance from Glendower Road is not well maintained - it's claimed to be closed during evening hours, but it wasn't open when I went to it during the day. That was a tortured path trying to get into and back out of the park, but it did provide an excellent view of Ennis House.

I'll try to post weekly routes from now on, partly to keep myself honest.

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