Patching calllog2ical - saturday 2010-03-06 1712 last modified 2010-03-06 1712
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Now that phone and computer are from the same manufacturer, there are some interesting tricks to pull around the data. Someone put together a Ruby script that synchronizes iPhone call log and texts to iCalendar. Unfortunately, it broke with iPhone OS 3.0 / iTunes 8. It's been sitting around waiting for me to look into it, partly for an audit trail when it comes to business expenses, partly because it's just kind of cool.

It wasn't really any more compelling to undertake today than some other day, but I did actually take the time to examine what was going on and found that the changes in backup format were minimal. They were weird, but minimal. I submitted a patch to the project even though it might be dead. If the patch languishes for too long, I'll fork and then leave my own dead project lying around. Other changes include fixing contact name lookup, improving the SMS version of the script to better recognize numbers, placing the texts in the notes field, adding the tel: URL, and writing a shell script and launch plist that ran less frequently and made more sense for my purposes.

The next maybe step is to convert the call data into a form I can use for precise auditing of phone related business expenses. For another day.

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