water drop

This is a strobe photograph of a water drop falling into a larger body of water. I unfortunately have no clue who this is by or where they did it, but it's a rather stock piece of strobe photography - a field of study advanced and made popular by Doc Edgerton of MIT. The horizontal blur was added and the orange-tinted drop done in a graphics program.


This is a lava flow. Color adjustments and enhancements done by me. Again, I unfortunately don't remember where this image came from.


This is an extreme close up of a ferrofluid near a magnetic field, with the ferrofluid immersed in some liquid such that its spikes rise up out of the other surface. Color tinting done in graphics program. This image comes from David Hammon of the University of Vermont's page.

do whatever you want with the graphics, i didn't take the photos behind them