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Been working on a couple of non-web projects, namely an AIM bot named ryanleedotorg, hopefully I can tie him into the actual site for interesting applications (i.e., IM me tomorrow at 3PM) as well as use him to proxy other AIM requests from the command line. I'll make the code public when there's something worth noting. Right now he'll just add you to his buddy list if you talk to him.

I also have Zephyr working on my Red Hat machine. I've been seriously thinking of putting together a machine for MIT graduates to replicate parts of the Athena environment (no MATLAB, sadly), and of course, Zephyr'ing is essential. It would be nice to get some cross-realm zephyrs going, but I doubt that will work without exchanging authorization with MIT. Plus I need to read up more on Kerberos.

I managed to get an OpenAFS client running on my Windows machine which allows me access to at least look at Athena files. More Kerberos studying to figure out why I can't authenticate myself to Athena.

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