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The tradition of Lent began on Wednesday, that time of year I as a child didn't quite understand. What, you're giving up cookies for 40 days? You're giving up red meat? What ever for?

I suppose I can wing an explanation now. Focused fasting, like Jesus did for 40 days in the wilderness, in turn like Israel was forced to do for 40 years in the desert, or otherwise giving something up to spend time in prayer, can bring God's power into your life. I've never done the Lent thing before, and though I guess I'm a little late on starting, I think I'd like to do it this year around.

In particular, I'd love to have a deeper and more specific sense of what God has in store for my life, to understand what He's given and how I can use it in a broad sense until the day I die.

So I need to figure out what to give up, and hey, if someone else is already doing it or wants to join me, by all means let me know. God could do some amazing things if we ask Him.

Oh, and I seem to have developed the bad habit of adding a private journal entry and editing it later, then making it public after I've added other public entries. Here are all of the ones I've done it with lately; I'll try to get off that habit: Comfortable or Uncomfortable, Quotes (this week), He Says 'Well Done', Jefferson, Home.

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