Lent 2 / Kung Fu - sunday 2003-03-09 0616 last modified 2003-07-20 0158
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I figured out what I'm giving up for Lent. We'll leave it at that. You can ask if you're curious, but there's no guarantee I'll tell you. Should you wonder what kind of Lent a person could have without telling anyone what they were giving up, then rest assured that at least one other person knows.

Someone (who read this - hi :) asked if Protestants are supposed to observe Lent due to its basis in Catholic tradition. As a non-Catholic (what am I, anyways? I was 'non-denominational' but essentially Baptist for 23 years and now I'm in a Pentecostal church), I don't think Catholic traditions should be dismissed solely because they're Catholic. If you can get at the motivation behind the tradition to observe it appropriately, I see no reason to let denomination stand in the way. Then that gets into my view of denominations in general, which we shan't wander off into this time. I guess the short answer is no, most Protestants except Lutherans probably don't observe Lent. Perhaps there are deeper reasons why other than face value Catholic versus Protestant spats, but I don't know what they are. Maybe I'll go find out.

I met a guy in kung fu today who moved from his home state here just to attend the school we're at. That's pretty dedicated.

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