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Calendaring is such an annoying problem. I think one of the unstated end goals of all computer science is to solve collaborative scheduling problems. I decided to put up a public schedule for stalkers and friends alike. I have delusions of privacy, but knowing what I know, any old person could probably figure out that schedule on their own with a little clandestine footwork. So whatever.

I did have some fun putting the schedule together. If you're using a good browser (i.e., not IE, not something in the 4.x version numbers), it should actually be sort of nifty, with mouseover effects and stuff, all done with CSS in XHTML. I'm sorely tempted to throw another poor attempt into the whole scheduling problem with the small added benefit of producing RDF calendars or iCalendar calendars making it all interchangeable. But I don't think I want to try. Maybe I'll be egotistical enough to make the calendar interactive for other people to grab free time with me, though...

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