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It's nice to feel like you've gotten something done. Yesterday I wrote up some Perl to snag my friend's photos online and reduce them in size so she could serve them reasonably quickly from her webspace without hogging the disk. Today I finished formatting my illicit electronic copy of the Bible, only to realize when I actually started reading it that it was the NIV instead of The Message. Why did I not check that first...

Good thing the same scripts will work for both. I think. Now I'm surreptitiously retrieving the version I intended to get in the first place and letting it all finish off overnight while I sleep. If you want to get at either electronic version (in XHTML, formatted with CSS), let me know. Caveats being that I have to know you, and you can't redistribute it on pain of getting me in trouble, which we all don't want to do. Right?

I laid down a server for my family on Sunday night, except that's private, so I can't really tell you where to go. Tomorrow evening is more CSS playing and trying to make things easy to use so I don't have to play web admin for users who just happen to share my genes. I think major backups, revisiting my church site design, finishing up some notes, and installing Linux on the new laptop will be occupying my time for the next week or so. Hurrah for nerdy fun.


I had some fun...

I had some fun rediscovering where Javascript and DOM have come so far, and I used it to show and hide verses and footnotes in my electronic NIV version. New feature, version 1.01! Or something. It's pretty cool, if anybody wants a copy.

Ryan Lee on April 06, 2003 04:20 AM

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