Why I Love My Job - friday 2003-06-27 0246 last modified 2003-07-20 0145
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I love my job because we're located in a building that was made to accomodate a large number of computers running all the time. What does it take for a building to do that, you ask? Air conditioning. Lots and lots of air conditioning. We're probably around 65F on a constant basis, year round. Especially during weather like this: 90F and humid, night and day.

Yes, I love my job...and the air conditioned environs that come with it. I sleep less, wake up earlier, and stay at work longer because I love my job...and the air conditioning... Living on the top floor of a three level building from pre-war times is somewhat unpleasant. Heck, I may go to work on the weekends...

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