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Much like media industries, banks in Massachusetts seem to suffer from conglomeration and buyout. Maybe that's true for the rest of the world in general, but I guess I don't live there. I started off with U.S. Trust when I first arrived. It didn't last very long. I was avoiding Fleet and BankBoston at the time (Fleet since bought BankBoston). Citizen's then took over U.S. Trust, and my fee-free checking account was grandfathered over. I left after the grace period ended. I calculated some unreasonable minimum balance to counter fees with interest, to say nothing of avoiding inflation; I think Fleet charges twice as much. For a couple years, I was happily without a bank, up until it became inconvenient to be without one.

I then came across a somewhat small but nice outfit called Cambridgeport Bank. And who should come along and ruin the happy setup? Citizen's. Again. Come their takeover in September, I think it will be time to look into switching banks. Again.

I should start my own bank. The 'we charge you less' slogan is so much less attractive than 'free.'

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