Survival Lessons - thursday 2003-08-14 2128 last modified 2003-08-16 0252
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Thanks to our culture's firm dependency on electricity, places like Paris, New York, supposedly Boston (though I haven't seen it), Cleveland, and other major metropolitan areas have stopped in their tracks because of overload on the power grid. Add a little heat and society stops.

We should probably do something to alleviate our utter reliance on electrical power delivered through the grid. Multiple independent slightly redundant power stations based on non-polluting technologies? I wonder if we can store and transport power effectively in some medium other than electricity.

Now that we know we could lose this all so easily, I wonder how much it takes to learn to survive without the trappings of modern society. Would I be able to learn to hunt, gather, and clothe myself were the world around me to suddenly change because everybody turned their air conditioners on all at once?

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