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I am in danger of losing my beloved MIT Athena account (farewell, free MATLAB access!) due to upcoming employment uncertainties. So the last two nights I spent doing a flurry of mail setup for To toss off a huge proliferation of inscrutable names at you, I had to get procmail, SpamAssassin, mutt, and IMAP functioning and talking to one another in order to have an acceptable replacement. Surprisingly enough, it seems better than MIT and the extremely well-administered work account I have (I never found out how to get procmail working with MIT, and I didn't want to do personal mail through my work address). I've even managed to use Thunderbird in Windows to talk to the mail server through an SSH tunnel.

The coup de grace would be attaching a web front-end, like squirrelmail or Horde/IMP, slapping a WAP interpreter into the works, and working with real email from my cell phone. But enough geeking around for now. Time to get back to writing email.

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