Walking into a Familiar Face - thursday 2003-09-18 0356 last modified 2003-09-18 0358
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Supposedly I was going to walk a run/walkathon today. I was attempting to find my way and failed miserably (hurrah for MIT, I can't read directions), arriving at the starting line half an hour after the race started. As I approached, I realized a runner worth his salt would have finished a 5K more than ten minutes ago. I declined to register for this particular event. I'm so lame. Fortunately I was only doing it for the company, so I attempted to walk the route backwards to meet them (they were doing the walk version). I also got lost doing that. They were there when I made my way back to the finishing/starting line. I'm so lame. For some reason they thought it was their fault, which I don't understand - I mean, how can they be blamed for my utter inability to read directions properly? Ah well, all's good.

Later that evening...

I went over to a friend's place having discovered it was a three minute walk from me. Actually, I walked down the street because I couldn't remember what the number was. As I strolled, I realized I'd gone too far, turned around, and there he was pulling into his driveway. How fortuitous.

It gets crazier.

I'd met one of his roommates before. That same roomie was home, but the third one was out. When he finally arrived, I was curious to see who this new face would be - only it turned out to be a guy at MIT I'd been having lunch with (in a group) the entire summer.

My days feel nuts - but good.

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