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Kill Bill is finally on its way out. It is odd that early announcements for Tarantino's latest hail one scene in which Uma Thurman's character single-handedly defeats 88 yakuza. I believe one script names a yakuza gang "The Crazy 88's" - one of the jokes being that there aren't actually 88 of them. Perhaps that was too subtle for producers' tastes and they changed it. Otherwise - you wire-reading news organizations need to do some fact checking.

I caught Tarantino on Leno one night recently. He was completely drunk. I didn't realize they let wasted people into broadcast network television.

If this is good, perhaps it will redeem The Game of Death, a hacked up blemish of a movie produced after Bruce Lee's death using incomplete footage from his last movie in progress. Kill Bill's plot is ultimately a product of Tarantino and Thurman's collaboration, but a number of homages, intentional or no, from the yellow suit Thurman wears to the number of main antagonists she has to kill (five), certainly feel like a recasting of Death's original plot line. Here's hoping it's a good one.

Addendum Expanding on previous themes above, I'm getting less hopeful that this will be a good movie due to an unsavory interview with Tarantino, the drunken fool who is now encouraging underage children to watch his celebration of carnage and undue violence. "If you are a cool parent out there go take your kids to the movie." Please tell me this man is not a father.

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