Day of the Cummings - tuesday 2003-11-18 0519 last modified 2003-11-18 0520
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One particular thing about my church is its history, the depths of which are too murky to enter into here, only suffice to say that it goes back in time at least three times as far as any church I've been to, and its roots descend even deeper than that.

I happen to live close to where my pastor, his wife, and one of our reverends grew up. The reverend's parents still own a home there, so every once in a long while I see her and her sister driving around the area. Today I saw them both! One yelled out while she was driving off to work in the opposite direction; a minute later, the other stopped at the curb and gave me a lift to the T station.

Ah yes. My day was complete before 9AM.

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