State of the Indebted Union - wednesday 2004-01-21 0352 last modified 2004-01-21 0353
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Bush wants to cut the deficit in half in five years (by the end of his next elected term, before his successor takes ofice). He wants to give money to schools to conduct random drug searches. He wants to use Social Security money for something other than Social Security.

Nancy Pelosi (aka, the scariest looking Congress critter ever) and Tom Daschle want America to be safe via 100% package inspection and anti-terror initiatives.

Why do politicians act like money grows on trees? How does spend more-tax less count as sane fiscal policy? I don't get it.


me too

that would be nice. i want to cut the deficit in half too!

christine lieu on January 24, 2004 11:21 AM

Hey, write and...

Hey, write and tell the President, maybe he'll include you in his next State of the Union Address.

"Last month a girl in California, sent me a letter. It began: '"Dear George W Bush. If there is anything you know I, Christine Lieu age 21, can do to help cut the deficit in half, please send me a letter and tell me what I can do to save our country....'"

Ryan Lee on January 28, 2004 07:22 AM

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