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Political debates. Most of today's talking heads exist only to reaffirm what we already hold near and dear to our souls. Politicians aren't looking to change minds or hearts, only to garner and maintain the support of those who already agree. They go astray when they chase after passions and programs they never held themselves in the interest of getting more votes. They succeed when they creatively toe the party line.

Advertising, the demon of commercial capitalism, a constant reminder that every American is a producer solely so they can be a consumer. Cynics think they're immune to the poison once they recognize its intent, but nobody is immune. They scoff on one hand at the ridiculous appeal of a ridiculous price tag for a ridiculous scrap of junk while wholehartedly agreeing on the other with the advertisements that fit their worldview, albeit subconsciously. Instead of winning over new people, get the people you already have to agree harder.

Why are our politics and our capitalism so similar?

N.B. - advertising is not a demon.

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