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Those of you who have spoken with me in the two months or so probably know I've been vascillating between two job offers. I chose one at long last.

I'll be in Massachusetts for another two years, back working for W3C / MIT, but this time on a somewhat-new project, SIMILE, in a development role. The project is joint between my organization, HP Labs, parts of an MIT CSAIL theory group, and MIT Libraries, and the goal is to prove the Semantic Web can do useful and interesting things within a certain context.

Or if I've lost you, I'm doing more web development type things. It will do cool things with disparate data, and someday you'll get to see it in action.



darn. i clicked 'proceed' but not 'confirm' and lost what i typed before.

ooh. you're gonna work for a library? :) i met someone who got a library science master's degree and that actually sounded kinda appealing in a strange way. i guess because i like organizing things and books. i wonder if they would do a background check and find that i have a $13 fine from 1997 at the Thousand Oaks library, or that whenever i go home i use my brother or dad's library card and the self-checkout feature to avoid having to pay those fines.

but i digress. a lot. congrats on deciding :)

christine lieu on February 09, 2004 06:18 PM

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