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It's an odd interrupt whenever I happen to know someone in a newspiece, when the whole out-there world intrudes on the one where I'm siting in my chair reading. There was an article in the Boston Globe about Christianity on campuses recently, particularly how MIT has the highest concentration (or absolute number?) of evangelical Christians of all Boston schools. A couple folks I know were profiled and photographed.

But the most recent instance of this unexpected familiarity is heartbreaking. Getting my daily news dose in part from GetReligion, I came across a photo of a familiar face from my college a cappella days, one I had been wondering about recently. Last I knew, Andrew, who once lead Harvard's Christian group, was planning to use his linguistics training to be a Bible translator. Instead... the Herald and the Phoenix both covered a piece on a small, horribly abusive cult. Of which Andrew was a victim.

Andrew's smart. He has talent, musically, in leadership. He has a good sense of humor. We had some fun picking on my inability to pick up vocal percussion in a workshop he lead. He graduated from Harvard (with a degree in what he considered a 'gut' course - read, 'easy').

Which is all to say that there was nothing to predispose him to fall under the control of a sick man.

If you're in Dallas, avoid this man.

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