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Here's a fun story to keep on the books about my first business trip. I checked in for my flight to Heathrow via Chicago and walked on my merry way to the gate, then realized I only had one boarding pass. For 'David Lee.' Who was headed to Manchester. I informed the ticketing agent she made a mistake -- not saying it was the dumbest mistake I've ever seen an airport employee make; she had my passport in hand -- and she did some magical 'change order' to get my luggage sent to the right destination. They also put me on the same flight as the luggage direct to Heathrow, which was kind of nice, but I didn't sleep.

Imagine my lack of surprise when my luggage didn't show up. I was further nonplussed to find that the hotel I'd decided to stay at for the night lost my reservation. Upon getting into a room after a little convincing, I called the airline.

They seem to have lost the lost baggage report. Or something. The old baggage is still on its way to Manchester, the re-numbered baggage seems to have disappeared. That brings some interesting questions about baggage handling to mind. None of which I want to address. I just want my stuff back. Some things are irreplaceable, others are gifts with sentimental value, others are just hard and expensive to replace.

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Far be it from me to complain. I didn't lose the essentials for this trip, and I didn't lose me. God's still good :)


Luggage found ...

Luggage found :) AA gave me a voucher instead of a refund because I didn't get my purchases authorized by the baggage agent. That's a little messed, there's no way I a priori would have known to get it authorized unless they said something, which they didn't. They'd be digging the hole deeper on themselves if the voucher weren't worth more than the amount I actually spent. I think it covers all my personal costs for the weekend besides the hotel. Not bad, losing my luggage turned out to be a profit.

Ryan Lee on April 07, 2004 09:23 PM

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