Further Insights on Snowboarding - monday 2004-04-26 1901 last modified 2004-05-10 1325
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  • Steep, long slopes are much better for learning than bunny hills
  • Falling less means less pain
    • But most of the muscles are still going to be sore (i.e., "ouch, I just coughed," and "ouch, I just typed a sentence")
    • It also means more runs in a day
  • Stretching means less pain
  • Sunblock is important
  • Chunks of hard snow suck
  • Under Armor is cool
  • Tight gloves mean less snow inside
    • But that may cause nerve problems
  • I've decided to ride goofy (right foot forward). I prefer kicking with my right foot in martial arts, thus it's the one that goes forward most of the time when I fight, and now when I board (so goes my theory)
  • Nothing is quite like the feeling of carving down a mountain - and not falling
    • With the possible exception of going over a jump, but I'll need more data for that

I might have to invest in my own snowboard.

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