Twolves 2004 - tuesday 2004-05-11 0626 last modified 2004-05-11 0626
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Thanks for all the great games, Timberwolves. The weather's great for us fair-weatherers. 114-113. Time to take it to the Western Conference finals.

"Sacramento's a regular-season team. You have to have a sense of desperation in the playoffs, and I just don't see it in them. That works fine for them during the regular season, but when you have to play seven games against an elite team and win four, you have to play different." - Barkley

"You've got to take your game to another level when you're in the playoffs, and Minnesota's taken their game to another level." - Magic

West coast playoff games that last until 2AM EDT. Great way to unwind after 13 hours of work.

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