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Manhattan must be one of the most photographed, filmed locations on Earth. I think maybe it's partly gone from a popular city to be captured in print for distribution to the masses to a popular city because the masses wanted to see it in real life.

I stayed in a little rathole outside of Times Square, which meant I was living next to various productions starring Hugh Jackman, P. Diddy, and Ray Liotta. I happened to see the latter two; well, almost - Puffy got into his SUV while I was getting out of my cab. I went to the Hello Deli for a sandwich, business of one Rupert Jee, neighbor to the Letterman show (he kindly didn't charge tax on my Reuben, which was pretty good). Our conference was colocated with the Daytime Emmy Awards, and so while I walked the red carpet in the opposite direction, I was ostensibly hobnobbing with soap opera actresses.

Is there any more to this city than being a huge, vapid TV set? At one time, I thought I wanted to move to this place. I still love that everything is open at 2AM, but that's not quite enough to live on.

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