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Non-OS X users, move along.


Tofu redisplays plain text in an eye-friendly manner. It makes Project Gutenberg's plain text renderings of literary classics palatable. It gives control over the font, size, and color of the text, breaking it into columns as tall as the window height, scrolling horizontally. I now need an AppleScript for re-opening webpages in Tofu from Firefox (it's possible to do so from Cocoa services in Safari).


Bluetooth devices become remote controls with Romeo. I can control specific applications like iTunes from my phone. Furthermore, with proximity detection, I can start making the computer do something in particular when I leave or enter the Bluetooth range. It's a fun toy and possibly very useful for doing presentations.


As I've raved about before, Quicksilver is a keyboard-only application application launcher (and more, like a multi-entry clipboard). Something like this should really be built into the operating system.


An all-encompassing, geek-friendly text editor. One of SubEthaEdit's defining features is allowing concurrent edit access to documents using Rendezvous from different machines (or more broadly over net, but I haven't tried that). Meaning two people can watch each other making changes in real time. It also does syntax highlighting for most formats I ever touch, like Java, LaTeX, XML, HTML, CSS, etc.

Firefox (0.8)

Better browsing.

Thunderbird (0.6)

Better mail handling.


A graphical SFTP or SCP client. Fugu is good for those times where click-and-drag is easier than Shell command line. For a long time, there was nothing for a Mac along those lines, but thank goodness for Fugu.

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