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I have to wonder if the most recent popular Christian book (The Purpose-Driven Life) potentially breeds unhealthy attitudes. I do believe the book addresses salient points about God's purpose for human life on earth, and in that regard it is decidedly healthy. However, these days I also hear about 'Purpose' with that capital 'P,' the personal form of purpose that is unique to each person, and how essential it is to satisfaction.

I don't know if I really believe that's an accurate description of life as it was intended to be lived. It's fertile ground for discontent and disappointment for those who don't feel they know their Purpose -- where not knowing your Purpose is equatable to purposelessness and aimlessness -- particularly because I don't know that there's any real promise that people are going to find that Purpose (correct me if I'm off). To be told you won't be satisfied unless you find your Purpose is begging for dissatisfaction. I do think people can and should be satisfied with God's provision regardless of whether they know what they were meant for.

On the other hand, the fact that I haven't found Purpose is just personal, experiential evidence gathered up to this point of my life. Might it continue that way for the rest of my existence, though I put to practice the purposes outlined by Warren in his best-seller? Or am I failing to trust in another aspect of God's provision in hedging against an uncertain future whose trend line doesn't look like it's going to change?

Have a Purpose?

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