Self Forgiveness - thursday 2004-10-21 0639 last modified 2004-10-22 0943
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One clarification from the previous entry: forgiveness is not the sole determining factor in making choices. Whether you can loan money to the guy who lost your investment before also depends on whether you have that money, or whether you're free to make that choice. Forgiveness is requisite, but so is discernment.

Perhaps you may consider that last post to have been a little extreme, but let me spin it in another context to give a better idea of what I mean by 'forget:' forgiving yourself. We're our own harshest critic. It's human nature to remember bad things, particularly our own embarassments and failures, of which we all have plenty. If you can come to a place where you don't hold your mistakes against yourself and where you're free to leave your own typecasting of yourself behind, you'd really be free. It's a mandate of following Christ: He's forgiven you; you must forgive yourself. You must not hold your own past against your future; you have to forget it.

But you can't really forget it. It's inhuman to not remember anything. It's not even good to try; your past is an important part of the story of your present. Where and how far God has brought you are vital to who you are. Remember what God has done for you.

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