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I normally avoid going into diatribes in my journal, but I seriously just hate Dell. They lied about the availability of an item which seriously upset a rebate I was planning to send in, they double charged me for something I did buy, and they charged it at a rate higher than my original purchase. I would have pasted the chat transcript I had with one of their customer reps, but their little chat web application does this cute deletion as soon as the session ends so you have to have copy and pasted it before then to save the whole thing. They were obstinate in blaming the problems on me and wouldn't explain the incorrect rate. It turns out it was impossible to explain because the errant invoice only listed the final price, not the coupons or savings used to calculate the price. But the rep wouldn't or couldn't say it and continued to insist I was wrong and unreasonable. After that one was exasperated at our apparent lack of communication, it took another customer rep to inform me what the exact situation was and accept my forwarding my original order invoice to her to check it out.

I don't have high hopes for how this will turn out due to Dell's continuing incompetence. I may dispute this with a different authority if they persist in their error. I think this boils down to a matter of $27.30. No matter. They're wrong. And I'm never buying anything from them again.


Faint praise to ...

Faint praise to Dell for simply doing the right thing and listening to me. Phone support people seem to be less interested in picking fights than online chatters. And those Indian call center folks have such charming British accents.

I'm still not buying anything from them. I'd rather not gamble on Dell's general failings.

Ryan Lee on March 08, 2005 02:29 AM

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Holy Crap, Dell Sucks

Dell is earning a special place in my heart as the worst company on the face of the planet. We're not even talking about the dastardly plans to rule the earth with a proprietary fist like Microsoft, we're talking about the inability to treat a custome...

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