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The first time I went to New York was for Calvin and Tammy's wedding, when I rode up in Dan Shiau's car one day, stayed over at Tony's place for a night, and then came back in Bryan Blue's car the night after. I didn't see a thing that time, but now I'm more familiar with the area having ridden about 700 miles in the car from Boston to NYC and back (I think that comes to about 200 miles inside the city and Hoboken).

I have a much better idea of the layout of the city, though it's still pretty much just a sketch. We spent most of our time in Midtown. The city is tall. Big. The weather's about as gross as Boston. It seems like a great place to blow lots of money. I'm definitely not at the point where I understand those "I (heart) NY" shirts.

I got to talk to my daughter today! Briefly over IM, but that was still pretty exciting. Hi Aifis!

What were they smoking when they titled this article? Crack? "Man, those astronauts are flying high and they haven't even left the ground!"

Yesterday evening was spent with the old small group from last term, which I think is now still a small group. We talked and prayed, and it was good. God is good. All the time, and not just when small group meeting is good. God's like that, good all the time, looking out for His children, wanting to look out for everybody as His children if they would all turn back to Him.

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