Abridged Cacti - saturday 2005-03-19 0629 last modified 2005-03-22 1432
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Working with Cacti, a general purpose graphing tool, is a little opaque. The overall process I went through to add a graph for tracking failed login attempts (or more appropriately, failed break-in attempts): add a data input method, add an input field and an output field to it, add a data template that utilizes the new input method (script based), add a graph template that mirrors the new data template, add a new graph based on the graph template, selecting the data templates as sources for the graph's inputs. I had to write a couple scripts to get the most interesting parts of the security log and reduce them to numbers for input fields.

I can see this process being useful across a multi-machine network, but it's a bit cumbersome for one time graphs.

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