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I shoot in RAW. I don't have a RAW editor at the moment, so that goes mostly unused. I take the card and transfer it into iPhoto using a card reader. iPhoto does have some unfortunate bugs in date handling, so I have to fast forward the date on all RAW photos by a month (as fate would have it, AppleScript does not provide for programatically setting dates, so I have to script the GUI, which itself has some bugs when entering the numbers 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, and maybe others, which sometimes causes the time to be incorrect; I also have a script for fixing that). As you can imagine, the import and data correction phase is actually the most frustratingly time consuming one. Apple, please pick up the ball on this. You dropped it about 3 months back.

Once in iPhoto, RAWs are converted to JPGs, and all editing work from within iPhoto is on the resulting JPG. The quality of the iPhoto JPG is a little poor, but these exports are generally destined for web or email use, so quality is not at a premium.

I do the basic editing in iPhoto, fixing exposure, white balance, contrast, or color temperature problems. More serious work goes to Photoshop Elements.

To publish on the web, I run an AppleScript which copies the JPG out of the filesystem, shrinks it, then uses curl to upload to

At this point, iPhoto is actually the heartbeat behind my digital workflow. I've started to go back and edit old photos using iPhoto. The following ended up being one of my favorites after some minor edits:

Nanakuli sunset clouds

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