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But the whole thing just gets dumber.

A few years ago at the conclusion of a religious conference, one presenter parodied likely reactions to spiritual challenges issued during the proceedings. One in particular stands out: the tendency to overreact in money management where everything, including movies, becomes a potential waste of money that could be put towards missions. And while some may have left more mortified of following such reactionary financial tactics, it has been, as indicated, a few years until I somehow became precisely what was being mocked. I've presently come to the conclusion that this whole entertainment industry is in its entirety an unworthy and colossal waste of my time, money, and effort. I'm sure that's part of the intended appeal.

But it's just so stupid. To what end? Must I consume culture to be aware of culture?

I don't think I'm going to watch any movies in theaters this summer. For some reason I've already started to shy away from spending the requisite $4.50 on Blockbuster rentals. Is there anything out there I really have to watch?

I would make clear that none of these are conclusions I wish to impose on anybody. If somebody not reading this blog asks if I saw Batman Begins, I'll calmly say no. Maybe I'll mellow out from this position in due time. Maybe I'll get even more curmudgeonly. I guess we'll see.

They wonder why the box office is 'slumping.' They think it has to do with piracy, DVDs, on-demand subscription, whatever. Either it's because they've forgotten how to tell an engaging, perspective-shifting story, or because this country is starting to wake up to the emptiness of a celebrity-oriented culture. I'm betting on the former; the latter sounds too good to be true.

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