Lobster Risotto - saturday 2005-07-23 1723 last modified 2005-07-24 1957
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By far the most involved meal I've made to date. Thanks to Michael for tips and my guinea pigs for eating. Also to Annie for the dessert:


And Amy for the wicked cool bottle:



Looks good... da...

Looks good... dang now I wanna learn to cook :P

Stefani Cheung on July 30, 2005 04:31 PM

How to learn to ...

How to learn to cook: experiment. Don't be afraid of cutting yourself, starting fires in the pan or the oven, or making tasteless food. You may end up doing all three in one hour, but you'll learn through your scars, burns, and boring meals not to do what you did that time.

Get a good knife. Remember that your stove has settings other than off and high. Hang out with people who enjoy cooking. Like playing an instrument, you'll learn to love it, even if practicing starts out a drag.

Nothing tastes quite as good as the work of your own two hands, except maybe mom's cooking.

Ryan Lee on August 02, 2005 07:41 PM

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