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I think I'll expand on yesterday's Yahoo! comments in relation to Yahoo!groups. I was subscribed to my old youth group coordinator (MAC)'s news list since he was in China teaching for a year. Other list subscribers would occasionally respond to his updates by replying directly to his message, which, like I said before, ended up sending mail to the entire list. We learned that Stevie Lee dressed up as a clown, which nobody was supposed to know, but then we all knew; at least the kids at the birthday party loved it. We also found out tidbits on the private lives of a number of other individuals. This most recent time, I wrote a brief note to the list explaining the problem with just replying and asked that they write directly to whoever they were directing their comments, reserving the list for MAC and his news.

Sidebar: As you can probably tell by the general lack of my email address in the public space on, I really don't like getting spam.

Back to the story. Today, a bunch of people considered to be young adults while I was a teenager thought it would be fun to write to MAC's list with 'I like MAC' and other similar things in response to my mail (apparently because I said something about not writing to the list unless it had something to do with MAC). I've since unsubscribed, in part because MAC is back from China anyways. I don't really care in the sense that I'm not offended by their sense of fun, but to those people I gently say: grow up and show some respect for others. I don't send a bunch of useless mail to your address that has nothing to do with you. Stop sending it to mine. Email is not a toy, and you are not children.

(P.S. Maybe I need to lighten up, but hey, I left the list since I obviously didn't belong, so no more problems.)

Revision: Maybe I should have just asked MAC at the beginning to tell his list to quiet down since that's what he ended up doing. At least they listen to him.


I agree
CindyHJL (4:01:34 PM): yeah like, dude i was so shocked after the barrage of emails after your "shut up everyone email"
CindyHJL (4:02:42 PM): no you weren't that harsh.
CindyHJL (4:02:53 PM): that's what i would have written if i was uninhibited
CindyHJL (4:03:05 PM): i like the part about how everyone has a delete button
CindyHJL (4:03:30 PM): everyone has a trash can too, does that mean we should send junk mail?

Cindy L on October 18, 2002 03:12 PM

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