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As seen while browsing the MoMA store: a piggy bank by Scott Henderson that makes it easy to store your coins and just as easy to retrieve them, without using a hammer (the funnel is also a spout).

Piggy Bank, as seen in MoMA

Piggy banks are more than just toys, though. We're releasing the next stage of our Piggy Bank software over at work. Like Coink pictured above, it's easy to put data in and use data out of PB. This release is more stable than before, more user friendly, and the mapping stuff I talked about earlier is now more solidly part of the application.

Pay little attention to the technical terms surrounding why we made PB: install the right software, and you're on your way to grabbing data straight out of the web while you browse, ready for you to reuse as you see fit whenever you want.

Actually, I used PB in conjunction with POI to help plan the trip to New York on which I took that photo of Coink.

Tourist's map of NYC in Piggy Bank

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