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Blogger API Client (BAC) is a WordPress plugin that re-posts your entries to any service that understands the Blogger XML-RPC API. It is at version 0.2 and is licensed under a modified BSD license. This version is compatible with WordPress 1.5; it has not been tested with WordPress 1.2 or 2.0.

You can view the source or download the zipfile. There is an INSTALL file included with the distribution. Read it for directions, there are a couple of steps you must take before following the general WordPress instructions for installing a plugin, and also note that you must change the configuration variables in the file to your own account settings.

This is alpha-quality software and is currently being tested. The home for BAC is BAC was developed for MIT CSAIL's DIG (Decentralized Information Group) infrastructure, based on code written for Croissanga and using the IXR XML-RPC library included in WordPress. The Blogger API code was based in part on the bloggerapi class graciously licensed under BSD by Beau Lebens for this project. Future development is, along with several other WordPress plugins, coordinated at WP Plugins; see also the public Subversion repository.


Install Instructions

$bac_server = "your.blogger.api.service.hostname";
$bac_path = "/your/absolute/path/to/service/handler";

Could you be a bit more specific about what these need to be?

I used the blogger sugested "" the wordpress "".

Do you need to do anything to get the WP posts to show up on blogger? I tested by posting on my WP blog but nothign showed on blogger.

You still have Xanga in the instructions:

" // You must fill out these parameters for your Xanga account before"

Clark Burbidge on November 21, 2005 07:09 AM


Went here, found this:

Good news, friends! We no longer require appkey registration to use the Blogger API. If you send us an appkey of 0123456789ABCDEF, then everything will work fine.

Plugin worked:

Sounds like they don't require a unique key, but the plugin only worked when I used their generic one.

Example text from bac.php:

$bac_server = ""; // the server receiving your crossposts
$bac_path = "/api"; // the path to the xmlrpc engine
$bac_key = "0123456789ABCDEF"; // unnecessary except on

Edit: the original author of this comment posted the incorrect configuration format for BAC. I'm sure it worked due to other errors made, but I've since changed it to reflect the way BAC was intended to be configured.

Clark Burbidge on December 29, 2005 06:47 PM

In your case, th...

In your case, they would be and /api, if that is the correct URL fragment where Blogger's API service engine resides. I don't know and can't assist you with the rest of your question, I don't use If they implement their own API correctly, you should not need to do anything else.

Thanks for the Xanga catch.

Ryan Lee on November 21, 2005 07:11 AM

won't work for me

Thanks for the great plugin. Any way to test if login information is working to blogger? I *think* i have it all setup correctly.


ryan holmes on December 22, 2005 08:13 PM

I can't seem to get the plugin working. Everything seems to work just fine, but nothing is coming up on Blogger.

I used these settings in bac.php:
$bac_server = "";
$bac_path = "/api";
$bac_key = "0123456789ABCDEF";

My question is this... Are these the correct settings?
I'm running WordPress 2.0 if that makes a difference.


Jeremy Hudson on February 03, 2006 09:47 PM

Your settings lo...

Your settings look fine to me. I don't normally use either WordPress or Blogger, so I'm afraid I don't have much experience to share. Are there any errors coming up in your logs or anything?

I don't know if anybody else has tried BAC with WordPress 2.0. I'd be surprised if that was a complicating factor since the other cross poster I wrote for 1.5.2 seems to work fine with 2.0.

Ryan Lee on February 05, 2006 12:15 PM

two blogs

I have 2 blogs on blogger. The cross post shows up in the oldest one. How can I force the post to a specific blog?

Robert van Bregt on February 05, 2006 01:36 PM

Re: two blogs

Interesting, for some reason I skipped over the ability to set the ID of the actual blog for a user. If you can hack PHP, there's a call to newPost that looks like 'newPost("a", $entry, true).' Change "a" to the ID of the blog you want to use (I don't know what that ID looks like, I don't use Blogger).

If you'd rather wait, I can probably roll out a new version soon that allows you to configure that.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Ryan Lee on February 05, 2006 01:57 PM

Re: two blogs

My blogger IDs are

So it's a number. I saw that the class has a method that retrieves the user's blogs :

function getUsersBlogs()

This could do the trick. My time and knowledge is too limited, so I'm skipping to the replace "a" hack. I had already figured this out myself. Tried to replace the a character with the 219... id but without success...

Putting everything back to the original settings failed as well... I created the second blog just before cross-posting, so maybe blogger didn't know of it yet.

The plugin stopped working. Maybe I'll give it a try some later.

Robert van Bregt on February 05, 2006 02:38 PM

Download the zip...

Download the zip file, it should be at version 0.2 now. The configuration for the blog ID is at the top under the blogger key variable.

Ryan Lee on February 05, 2006 03:01 PM

And movable type?

This plugin seems really helpful for me! I'm currently working on a project who will try to made a mix between blogs and forums, with your plugin i hope that some people will take part easilier. But... i was wonderind if i can extend it to movable type methods to fill the all possibilities of my system (or more maybe)..

valentin vago on February 11, 2006 10:51 AM

If you can tell ...

If you can tell me where the Movable Type API went. All the links that used to hold it are now redirected to MT3.2 user documentation. If Six Apart can't be bothered to host their own API, I don't think I'm going to bother trying to make use of it. (I am not a fan of Six Apart).

I do plan on adding in the ability to switch APIs between Blogger and MetaWeblog at some point. Blogger's a bit weak, and MetaWeblog has features worth exploring.

Ryan Lee on February 11, 2006 04:09 PM

Oh thanks! But....

Oh thanks! But... as i discover your plugin it has answer to a big question (how include blogs outside of the domain in the project) and give me a new question (should i extend my api to support geo, comments, trackbacks, details, and some other things i'm planning on...). So at the moment i still make some tests on my :) but if i fork your script won't it make you angry? of course i'll keep your credits! but i really would like to add plenty of features and maybe a part of gui in it...

valentin vago on February 14, 2006 06:24 PM

I'm happy to acc...

I'm happy to accept patches, but if you feel like this is an entirely new project, the code is BSD licensed, and you have every right to fork a new codebase. I don't have any idea how large the userbase is for BAC, so I guess I'm not all that concerned about community splits or anything. Keep me posted on your choices.

Ryan Lee on February 15, 2006 03:11 PM

Well, i wrote a ...

Well, i wrote a post on the choices and upcoming improvements on the blorum. you can have a look at the following address

I'm sorry i thought it was more useful to wright it in my dev blog than as a comment here...

valentin vago on February 16, 2006 04:18 AM

Quick comment and question

Thanks for putting this plugin together, it's pretty darn good.

One comment you may want to change the line : get_settings('siteurl') to get_settings('home') for folks who have worpress installed in one directory but "hosted" on another.

And a question, when I use the plugin the title of the wordpress post ends up as part of the post and not the title in the post, wasn't sure if this was an API limitation or just a bug. I'm not really familiar with xmlrpc so I'm not really sure how to proceed. Has anyone else seen this?

Luis Salom on March 27, 2006 02:28 PM

Re: Quick comment and question

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll work it in.

As to your question about the title, yes, it's an API limitation. There's no title parameter in the Blogger API.

Ryan Lee on March 27, 2006 04:32 PM

Google Blogger

It seems google is absorbing blogger. Any chance to have this work with the google api that google is switching blogger too?

Michelle Norton on December 28, 2006 07:22 PM

Re: Google Blogger


Well, I'd rather fork a new project since the term 'Blogger API' refers to a specific API that pre-Google Blogger published at one point in time, still in use by several non-Blogger related projects.

I'm hesitant about diving into a Google API myself. First and foremost, I don't trust them. On a less personal note, on an efficiency level, I know it wouldn't be a total waste of time for the present, but I am not so confident in its future value. Does anybody else implement the GData API? Are their interested parties, and could they even implement it if they wanted to? What about the Atom Publishing Protocol, which appears to be far more of a community effort than Google's own branded version?

So I guess for now the answer's no, I won't be making this new GData friendly plug-in - but I might consider an APP friendly plug-in. I don't spend much time in this world anymore, so we'll have to see if ever I get to it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Ryan Lee on December 29, 2006 05:11 PM

Xanga API

I'm looking hard for a Xanga crossposter.

Xanga now has an API. All this programming is above my head. Can this be modified to work with any API? If so, could you help me set it up for Xanga's API?

C. Casas on September 04, 2010 07:40 AM

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