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Did she say yes?

I love you Colleen will you be my wifey?

Did he write it on the ground in front of her while she sat on the nearest bench? Or was she a runner, or a biker, or a dog walker, who made the Esplanade route part of her daily schedule? Did she see it the first time around? Was he there further down the stretch of path, or was he waiting at home for her to burst in the front door, crying tears of happiness / raging at his importune offer / but never to see her again?

It's written in the wrong direction for her to be a path traveller. It's more likely she's a bench sitter. Was that an important bench to them? Did they go to the Esplanade often? Was she annoyed at first to see someone had desecrated their little spot with garish white writing, or just curious to see who would bother scrawling on a hideaway patch of ground most commonly used for treading and otherwise a visual nothing? Why white? Evoking bridal fashions or the cheapest can on the shelf? Were they together at that bench? Did he send her ahead? Was there anybody nearby to capture the moment of recognition, that she was receiving a proposal?

How long ago was this? Have they already run away to Vegas and eloped, or are they in the middle of an epic wedding to rival the worst of the rich and famous? Is the whole "wifey" thing an inside joke? How did she feel about being proposed to by a bike path? Did she want something more elaborate, or was this another notch in the belt of male pre-nuptial creativity, firing Cupid's arrow right to home? If he succeeded, will he keep being that creative?

Is she a crier? A laugher? A stone-cold brick house? How long had they known each other?

It doesn't have to be her, somebody come along and scrawl her (any) answer nearby. Seriously, Colleen: did you say yes?

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