Better URLs, 404's - friday 2006-01-27 1456 last modified 2006-01-29 0432
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In recent days, on a whim, I switched up the URLs on to move away from using query variables to a more useful URL fragment scheme. The statistics software I use to get an idea of what goes on around here ignores all query variables, really the most important part of the request under the prior scheme. So for journal entries and individual photos in the gallery, I'll now have a better idea of what's actually getting eyeballs.

For some reason, changes I made in the software in the distant past would skip reporting not found errors (HTTP 404), so everything looked like an OK (HTTP 200) or a redirect (HTTP 30x). I guess I thought it was too fragile a change to embellish on, so I left it that way for about three years. Now my 404's are back. I see a handful of things to fix and about a hundred things that nobody in their right mind should be looking for here (Haystack documentation? Not here). Ah well.

I just went and did a massive link check on most of, too. If there's anything wrong or whatever, please let me know. That all took forever, and I don't think I really want to invest much work on again for a good long time.

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