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Commensurate with my desire to look like I joined modern day trends in design, I'd also like to move away from requiring user accounts to leave comments on To do so, and to re-enable trackbacks once more, I need some generic Bayesian classifying code. I could work this by turning everything into a faux email and passing it by SpamAssassin, but the context is all wrong; I can't compose mail headers out of web comment metadata. I do need a useful tokenizer for another project. Thankfully, Bayes has been a popular fad long enough for concise explanations and open source code to be readily available to those who seek it.

The web savvy near me will suggest commenting and trackbacking are losing propositions, to which I will heartily agree and then point out that most of the people I know don't have their own domains yet to move towards the utopic world of truly cross domain conversations. Save it for the technical world for now.

So. Despite not wanting to spend much time working on - here we go again.



you know, as much as it's poor form and i know you don't like it.. the javascript obfuscation method ... works. not with lynx of course but... yeah..

everybody raise a glass to "Web 2.0". and by glass i mean a double mochacappalattechino from starbucks.

perhaps the blink tag will come back into fashion.

Danny Park on February 22, 2006 03:07 PM

I'm sure it does...

I'm sure it does, but I'm not interested in just solving a problem, it's more for the actual code. The tokenizer for that other project, the Bayesian stuff because it's a fad and the token statistics might prove to be interesting. Anything for a pretty chart.

Ryan Lee on February 22, 2006 06:41 PM

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